Refund Policy at Adams Cricket Academy

Welcome to the Refund Policy page of Adams Cricket Academy We are dedicated to offering a comprehensive cricket education and training experience. We understand that planning and preparation are crucial to successfully delivering our programs, including local training sessions to international tours. Below, you will find detailed information about our refund policy regarding various events and fees associated with our academy.

Our Refund Policy

At Adams Cricket Academy, our refund policy is designed to be transparent and straightforward. It is important for all participants and their families to understand that:

  • No Refunds for Trial Events or Any Events: We do not offer refunds for any trial events, matches, or other cricket-related events. The fees are non-refundable once a participant has registered and paid for a trial or event. This policy is in place due to the costs associated with organizing these events, which often include venue hire, equipment, staffing, and other logistical arrangements.
  • Membership and Program Fees: Any academy membership and program fees are non-refundable. These are used to help maintain and expand our facilities and coaching resources.

Tour-Related Payments

For tours, such as our annual trips to international destinations for competitive cricket:

  • Tour Payments: Once paid, tour fees are generally non-refundable. This is due to the significant upfront costs of booking international airfares, coaching sessions, accommodation, ground transportation, and other logistical necessities.
  • Exceptional Circumstances: In the case of exceptional circumstances where a tour must be cancelled or significantly altered by us, we may offer partial refunds or credits towards future tours. Such circumstances are rare and handled on a case-by-case basis.


  • Recommended Insurance: We strongly recommend that participants obtain travel insurance for tours, which can cover unforeseen circumstances that might prevent attendance or lead to potential financial loss.

Commitment to Fairness

Generally, Adams Cricket Academy has no refund policy, but we assure our students that we will be fair and transparent with all transactions. Please feel free to contact our administration office with any questions or requests for more information on this refund policy. We are here to help you get your time with our academy as productive and clear as possible from the start.